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hello people! ^_^; im dan dan/emi. im a huge bag fan. from san diego, 15 years old. i use shorty mostly, heat, & kitty nakajima. i used to play without commands in # 1, and i play on mix in # 2. i think i love this game more than any other game ive ever played. im hoping to buy both. i had # 2, but the little brother got to it. u_u; i personally like # 1 more, because of the special solos and such. anyway, id love to chat with you guys! n_n my aim s/n: out of x control, msn:, yahoo: m0rph1n3_dr3ams.

anybody from san diego? id love to play some of you. :D havent played in almost a year or so id have to say though. n_n
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