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The classic hybrid dance music/fighting video game for Sony PlayStation.
Yo ho! Bust a stone cold groove. It's the battle of the century.
Yeah! Reachin' out to touch the funky people out there. Time to show yo' stuff, and bring down the house with Bust-A-Groove. You can make it big on the dance floor. It's the battle of the century. Get your body ready to jam. Let's get down with breakin', rollor blade dance, house, sexy, hip hop, jazz dance, zombie dance, African dance, gangsta groove, old school, 70's disco, techno, jungle, and even capoeira. Stay on the beat and jam to the groove. Let's raise the roof! Hey, you're slammin. Yo! I'm Dj Mix Deadly in the house with DJ Dangerous. Time to kick the beat, so keep a move on, and Bust-A-Groove.
Let's try to look cute, huh?