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Bad Dancer...

Ah,i've been aware of this for quite sometime but never properly invited myself.
I myself am a terrible dancer and by living vicariously through the game,i gained confidence.

I'm Bryant,a Groove fan since my mother bought it for my christmas in 99.

Volume one was definitely my time of infatuation with Gas-O and Frida and eventually i became obsessed with Hiro-Kun,Kitty-N,Kelly,Robo-Z,and Capoeira.

Volume two opened up the gates to accept Shorty[with her stylish new look],Tsutomu[just because the schoolboy thing],Bi-o,Michael Doi[for being the first openly gay dancer in a video my knowledge],and all my old favbourites.

I can't get started on the songs cuz i'll go on for ages.

Sadly i no longer own the games cuz when Dreamcast came around i sold all my PS games stupidly to buy new things for my DC and now i'm on a quest to reclaim my glorious Groove games.

So,eh,um,farewell and greetings to all of you out there still posting here.
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