ticktockclock (stardropkittie) wrote in bust_a_groove,

I'm New

Hai everyone, I am a bust-a-groove fan myself and I love pinky and shorty, kitty-n is cool too in her own way. It's so hard to find bust a groove pt.1 in stores and you can only find it on ebay. I haven't played it since the year it came out in '99. Till this day I still want that game and I am determined to find it this year!!!
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damn, has it REALLY been that long!? :) I thought it was like 95 or something. :S

I think it was because I saw the JP version first in my friend's store (before he stopped doing imports damnit).

Heh, my ultimate goal is to find the JP version of pt 1.
Well, it actually came out in 96' in Japan but I didn't have a converter for my playstation or dreamcast so I had to wait until the crappy U.S. version was available. And if it's extremly rare here, imagine in japan....then again maybe not.
Heh, the US wasn't THAT crappy. ;) But I have to admit it could have been better, if I could find the JP version somedamnwhere. ;)

Now the funniest thing is the constant arguments I get about which is better: BAG2 US or JP? I hands down said JP because of the hillarious endings. People said the US and I'm like WTF?!

Then agian, the US was easier to beat the crap out of people. ;) heehee.
me fan too my fav is gas-o and kity-n
i hear there's a new bust a groove game out :D